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Ryan Mason’s verdict on Liverpool ‘It’s impossible to take’



Ryan Mason’s verdict on Liverpool

‘It’s impossible to take’

Ryan: “I’m devastated, and I probably speak on behalf of everyone involved, people watching at home as well, to give a team like Liverpool four goals… it’s difficult to take, it really is at this moment in time. We know the Premier League is relentless, you have to be ready to fight every single moment for 95 minutes, regardless of where you are in the country. We started the game and gifted them goals, they didn’t have to earn a thing. Overall, when you look at the game, we were the team that created the better chances. Every time we had the ball, I felt we looked like scoring, probably should have had a couple more, hit the woodwork a couple of times. To give the goal away at the end in the manner in which we did, it makes it impossible to take at the moment.”

‘Start cost us’

Ryan: “You don’t just win games with the ball, you win games of football with and without the ball. Ultimately, the first 15 minutes cost us, then, the manner we gave the goal away at the end is hard to explain and analyse, it’s a difficult one.”

What was said at the end?

Ryan: “I don’t think words… I don’t think there’s any point in me speaking at this moment in time, emotions are so high, from the players as well. Listen, we all know what went wrong. I don’t need to speak to the players about that at the moment.”

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