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Congratulations Phil Foden side chick just gave birth to a baby boy,open to hear Phil Foden speech from conference



Congratulations Phil Foden side chick just gave birth to a baby boy,open to hear Phil Foden speech from conference

The first week with a newborn can leave you feeling sore, sleepy, and a little weepy. Learn what else to expect.

Your first week with a newborn can be blissful, anxiety-ridden, and sleepless. Many parents feel like emotional wrecks during this time and struggle to settle into a routine. Because of the sleep-deprived emotional landmine, it can be challenging to have a balanced perspective when common newborn health concerns pop up.
Feeling out of sorts is just part of the postbirth experience. “Those first days are a complex mix of physical, psychological, and social changes,” says Leena Mittal, M.D., director of the Reproductive Psychiatry Consultation Service at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Read on for what to expect in that first week with a newborn and some tips for gracefully clearing the hurdles ahead.

10 Things To Know About Newborn Babies
Your Body Will Be Sore
Often, first-time parents-to-be spend so much time thinking about childbirth that the thought of what postpartum recovery is really like isn’t on their radar.

“I didn’t realize it would be so traumatic,” says Sarah Camacho, a mom of two in Denver, recalling a lot of “down there” discomfort from her vaginal delivery. “I had to use a squirt bottle every time I went to the bathroom to soothe the pain of my stitches, and I felt bruised. I couldn’t sit down without a donut pillow. Even walking was exhausting.”

A Guide to Your Postpartum Vagina
What to expect
According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), common postpartum symptoms include:1

Vaginal bleeding
Back, neck, and joint pain
Perineum pain and swelling
C-section incision pain
Swollen breasts
Pain when going to the bathroom
20 Things to Know About Your Postpartum Body
What to do
If you deliver vaginally, you will be extremely sore—a baby the size of a Virginia ham just came out of a very small spot. Ice the area for the first 24 hours and then take frequent warm baths to soften stitches and to keep them from feeling tight, says Laura Riley, M.D., author of You and Your Baby: Pregnancy.

The good news? “Because a lot of blood flows to your vagina, the area heals quickly—in a matter of days,” she says.

In addition, ACOG recommends the following to soothe postpartum pain:1

A heating pad for cramping and joint pain
Over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers and taking pain medication as directed
A nursing pillow for support
Applying witch hazel to the perineum
Sitting on a pillow
Soaking your bottom in a sitz bath
Rinsing with a squeeze bottle (also called a “peri bottle”) when going to the bathroom
Taking a stool softener if needed
Breastfeeding lying on your side if it’s more comfortable
Breastfeeding frequently to reduce breast pain and pressure
Appling cold packs to breasts if they are swollen
Asking for a referral to a lactation consultant if you have nipple pain associated with a poor latch
Drinking plenty of water
Taking short walks
Eating high-fiber foods
For cesarean births, over-the-counter or prescription pain medication can relieve the soreness and pulling sensation at your incision site.

“It’s important that you take enough medication during the first week so you feel good enough to move around, which is what encourages recovery,” explains Dr. Riley. Your C-section incision will take four to six weeks to heal fully, so keep an eye out for infection. If it leaks, smells, burns, or looks red, or if you develop a fever of more than 100.4 degrees F, call a health care provider.

7 Things I Wish I’d Known About C-Section Recovery
Your Baby May Develop a Common Newborn Health Condition
Several common health conditions can pop up in your first week with a newborn. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), health conditions that are common in newborns include:2

Abdominal distension
Birth injuries
Skin discoloration
Unusual bowel movements
Excessive sleepiness
Umbilical stump problems
Why Does My Baby Have a Conehead?
What to Expect
Babies’ abdomens often protrude, but they should feel soft. If their belly is hard, they may have gas, constipation, or an intestinal problem.

If you had any complications during childbirth, your newborn may have birth injuries, like scrapes from forceps, a broken collarbone, or muscle weakness. Fortunately, these minor injuries often heal quickly.

In addition, parents often notice that their newborns have mildly blue or purple hands and feet. This is pretty common in a newborn’s early days. It’s usually due to them getting cold, and they should go back to a more typical color when they get warm.

When it comes to diaper changes, know that bowel movements in the first week with a newborn can be a wild ride! Their poop will start out thick and tarry in a one- or two-day-old baby (called meconium), then transition to yellow, green, or tan depending on whether they’re fed breast milk or formula.

It may also surprise you to know that coughing is common in a newborn’s first week. It’s often caused by sputtering on milk. However, if your newborn is coughing a lot including when not feeding, they may have caught a cold or another infection.

While you may be familiar with colic, rest assured that it usually doesn’t start in the first week with a newborn. However, lots of crying can still happen in that early week. For example, newborns might cry because they’re hungry, tired, want a clean diaper, are cold or warm, or just want to be held.

Jaundice is another common newborn health condition. It occurs when bilirubin levels build up too excessively in a newborn’s bloodstream. It often appears when your baby is 3 to 5 days old. The telltale yellow coloring usually starts at the head and works its way down, says Lisa M. Asta, M.D., associate professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of California in San Francisco.

One of the perks of newborns in the first week is that they tend to sleep a lot. This is usually perfectly normal, especially if your baby wakes every few hours to eat and they seem content.

Finally, parents commonly wonder if their newborn’s umbilical stump is healing properly. Usually, the umbilical stump with fall off on its own during the first week or two. In the meantime, offer your baby sponge baths.
What to do
Always call a healthcare provider if you notice the following:

Your baby’s abdomen, arms, legs, or the whites of their eyes are yellow
Your newborn is fussy, hard to wake, or not feeding well
They are not having bowel movements
They are vomiting
Your baby is persistently blue coloring, especially on the trunk
They have blood in the stool
They have coughing that is not related to choking on milk
Their crying is more of a shriek
They are breathing too rapidly (more than 60 breaths in a minute)
They have a foul-smelling discharge from the umbilical cord
There is redness around the base of the cord
They appear to experience discomfort when you touch the umbilical cord
They have a fever (rectal temperature of 100.4 or higher)
About 60% of newborns will experience some degree of jaundice, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Most cases resolve on their own, but because jaundice can cause brain damage if left untreated, pediatricians don’t take it lightly.3

“It’s stressful for parents during baby’s first days,” says Dr. Asta, “but jaundice levels that fall outside of the accepted range are very curable.” In addition, many pediatricians will have you schedule a newborn visit about two days after you get home from the hospital to check for jaundice.

Feeding May Be as Hard as It Will Ever Be
When parents of older kids dreamily tell you how much they loved nursing their infants, they are probably not talking about the first week with a newborn.

What to expect
Whether formula feeding or breastfeeding, the early days of newborn feeding can be overwhelming. Latching may be difficult or painful, and choosing a bottle or formula may seem impossible. To top it all off, you may feel confused about when and how often your baby should feed.

You may experience some tingling or irritation at latch-on for the first week or two. (In the first few days, it may induce some uterine cramping, which is normal.)

Keep in mind that milk can come in anywhere from 36 to 72 hours after birth, and for some, it could take four to five days.

Know that formulas come in three general forms: powders, which must be mixed with water; concentrates, which come in liquid form but must be diluted with water; and ready-to-use liquids, which can be poured directly into bottles.
Your Guide to Getting Started With Breastfeeding
What to do
If you’re breastfeeding or chestfeeding, take it one step at a time. Your goal right now is to get your baby to latch on correctly—lips flipped out, chin close to your breast, jaw and ear moving slightly in a rhythmic motion as they suck, says Laura Jana, M.D., a pediatrician and author of Heading Home With Your Newborn.

If your breast or nipple hurts or you’re concerned about your supply, talk to a health care provider and consider hiring a lactation consultant to show you different ways to latch and see whether your baby is eating enough. Check if the hospital’s specialist is available, or find one at the International Lactation Consultant Association website.

While you’re waiting, continue offering your breast to stimulate milk production. Lisa Marasco, IBCLC, a lactation consultant in Santa Maria, California, explains: “Your body expects your baby to be at the breast very soon to start suckling. If that doesn’t happen, you can mimic the baby with hand expression and pumping to get the milk going sooner.”
Formula-feeding? Choosing a brand can be overwhelming, so ask a health care provider for one they recommend. The type you choose may depend on both your baby’s preference and your budget.

Whether you nurse or bottle-feed, keeping a record of when feedings occur and how long they feed or how much they eat can help you stay on track.

The Best Breastfeeding Positions
You Might Cry a Lot
“I had a healthy baby, I knew I should be happy, but I couldn’t stop sobbing about the trauma and disappointment of my unplanned C-section,” recalls Megan Orringer, a mom in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

What to expect
With over a third of babies in the U.S. now delivered via cesarean, feeling sad about not having the birth experience they planned jolts many people. And regardless of how you delivered, your body is on a hormone roller coaster during these first weeks. The highs can help you bond with your baby, but you may hit lows you’ve never experienced before.

Adds Dr. Riley: “Your body doesn’t feel like your own, your boobs hurt, your bottom is sore, you’re not sleeping, and you may not have much help. The postpartum blues magnify all of that stress.”

Baby blues commonly begin in the first week with a newborn. According to ACOG, signs include:4

Crying for no apparent reason
Having trouble sleeping, eating, and making choices
Questioning whether you are capable of caring for your baby
Baby blues usually improve on their own within a few days or weeks without treatment.

What to do
It’s OK to feel somewhat disconnected from your newborn or anxious about not knowing how to take care of your baby at first. Give yourself time to be with your little one. Doing tasks like feeding and changing them will help your confidence grow, says Dr. Mittal. When your baby is alert, focus on them. Hold your baby, noting what positions they prefer. Sing, imitate their sounds, and make eye contact with them.

If you continue to feel indifferent or anxious, or your feelings of sadness worsen, especially if you begin to have thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, you may have postpartum depression (PPD) or postpartum anxiety (PPA). Contact a health care provider who can steer you to help right away.

What to Expect With Postpartum Hormone Changes
You’ll Likely Experience Sleep Deprivation
At first, the adrenaline rush of having a baby carries you through. Then comes the crash—the rude awakening that this is no temporary matter.

What to expect
“I labored through the night and struggled to sleep in the maternity ward,” recalls Emily Jo Hoover, a mom in Pacifica, California. “At home, my baby wanted to nurse all night. Then after a day that included a doctor’s appointment and seeing a lactation consultant, I started shaking from exhaustion.”

Tending to a newborn is exhausting. Newborns feed every few hours around the clock (yes, that includes overnight). That means your uninterrupted nights of sleep are gone—at least for now.

What the First Week With a Newborn Is Really Like
What to do
To try to prevent the physical and mental wear down that comes with sleep deprivation try the following:

Consider taking cat naps whenever your baby sleeps.
Match your own bedtime to your baby’s.
If you’re formula-feeding, alternate late-night bottles with your partner.
If breastfeeding, ask your partner to share other middle-of-the-night tasks, like diapering and burping.
At night, keep the lights dim during diaper changes and feedings to avoid waking them up fully.
If you’re nursing, it’s trickier to share feedings in the middle of the night, but once you and your baby have mastered nursing and you’re ready to pump and offer breast milk in a bottle, you and your partner can discuss sharing this task, too. The AAP recommends waiting on a pacifier until 3 to 4 weeks if exclusively breastfeeding.5

Newborns sleep 16 to 18 hours a day. During the day, wake them for feeding if they slumber for more than four hours at a stretch so they maintain their weight gain. When your baby can’t settle down, but you know they’ve been fed and had enough to eat, soothe them by rocking, offering a pacifier, or swaddling.

Finally, the AAP advises room-sharing but not bed-sharing with newborns due to the risk of suffocation and other sleep-related accidental deaths. So, avoid drifting off after feeding your baby in bed or on another surface like a couch.6

How to Deal With Sleep Deprivation After Baby
Your Baby’s Skin Will Need Some TLC
We know: There’s nothing like that first bath photo! But hold off on sudsing your newborn up. Research has found that not washing away the vernix—the white, waxy substance that covers your baby in the womb and that they’ll likely be coated with at birth—has many benefits, including lower hypothermia rates, less crying, and skin protection and immunity.7 So, experts recommend waiting until your baby is 1 day old.

Vernix also contributes to the makeup of your newborn’s skin’s microbiome, a layer of microorganisms that help keep their skin healthy. Washing your baby with a cleanser can disrupt the microbiome’s formation, which may make them more susceptible to skin issues like eczema down the line, says Sandy Skotnicki, M.D., a dermatologist in Toronto and author of Beyond Soap.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Newborn?
What to expect
In addition to vernix, you may notice the following common newborn skincare issues:

Cradle cap (an accumulation of dead skin cells that causes flaking on the scalp)
Rashes like heat rash, diaper rash, and contact dermatitis
Baby acne (common on the face)
Milia (tiny cysts on the face)
All of these issues are most often mild and not concerning. But you can discuss them at your baby’s first pediatrician visit.

What to do
Of course, some cleaning is essential with all the diapers your baby will go through in a day (8 to 12, on average). Breastfed babies often poop with every feeding in their first weeks of life, and formula-fed babies can poop three to four times a day.

Washing with water alone won’t remove poop and pee completely, so if your baby has an extra-dirty diaper, washing them more thoroughly is OK. Use a soft cloth and a gentle pH-adjusted cleanser that protects and nourishes the microbiome on their messy skin. You should continue to use this product at bath time after the first week.

To prevent rashes, use super-absorbent diapers and fragrance-free wipes. If the area is irritated, apply a barrier like plain petroleum jelly or a zinc-oxide paste.

Cradle cap usually goes away on its own, but if it bothers you, you can lather up the scalp with mild baby shampoo and use a soft brush to help loosen the dead skin. Milia and baby acne require no treatment and go away with time. Never try to pinch or pop them; it can cause pain and lead to infection.

What Is a Yeast Diaper Rash?
You’ll Adjust to a New Normal
You likely won’t have the energy to socialize like you did pre-baby, so talk with your partner about which visitors will make the cut. It’s OK to make some people wait. Eager pals can help in other ways: Accept their homemade soups, let them walk the dog, and welcome their grocery drop-offs. They can peek at your baby then.

What to expect
As far as chores go, you might find you can’t get much done. “Caring for a baby is time-consuming,” says Deborah Ledley, Ph.D., a psychologist and author of Becoming a Calm Mom. “Feeding alone takes eight hours. That’s a full day’s work!”

What to do
Be realistic. You might set one non-baby-related goal every day, like doing a load of laundry or writing two thank-you cards. If your baby doesn’t want to be put down, use a swing or wear them in a carrier as you move around. No one keeps their house perfectly tidy during the newborn stage, so give yourself some slack.

“Managing household chores has been the most stressful part since our second child was born,” says Drea Dalzell, of Sartell, Minnesota. “I remember to ask for help and rely on my in-laws for that extra bit of sanity. I may be less focused on cleaning, but I’d rather spend time with my girls.”

10 Things New Parents Shouldn’t Worry About
Updated by Rebecca Stewart
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A Phil Foden hat-trick and Rodrigo’s eighth goal of the season helped us to an emphatic Etihad win against Villa! 💪

[LIVE] Manchester City vs Aton Villa Premier League 23/24 Full Match – Video Game Simulation


Man City vs Aston Villa LIVE! Premier League result, match stream, latest updates today
The reigning champions made easy work of Champions League-chasing Villans

Powered By Pixels
Manchester City vs Aston Villa LIVE!

Phil Foden scored a brilliant hat-trick as Manchester City kept the pressure on in the Premier League title race with a 4-1 win over Champions League-chasing Aston Villa. A day after defending his star striker against criticism from Roy Keane, Pep Guardiola left Erling Haaland on the bench alongside Kevin De Bruyne, clearing the stage for Foden to grab the spotlight with an outstanding performance and his second hat-trick of the campaign.

After Jhon Duran cancelled out Rodri’s opener, the 23-year-old put City back in front with a free-kick late in the first half before two excellent strikes settled it just after the hour mark, taking Foden to 21 City goals for the season. Pep Guardiola’s side remain third, a point behind leaders Arsenal and level with Liverpool – who host Sheffield United on Thursday – after their first win over a top-five side this term.

But while little has changed in the table, this was a far more fluid performance from the champions days after Arsenal ended their run of 57 consecutive home games with a goal. Read the game back below with our dedicated match blog!

Man City vs Aston Villa latest news

GOAL! Foden seals a stunning hat-trick
GOAL! Foden fires home a second
GOAL! Foden bends in a free kick
GOAL! Duran silences Etihad with equaliser
GOAL! Rodri sweeps home the opener
Live updates

95min: That’s your lot! What a night for Phil Foden.

92min: Shock in the stadium as Foden is named man of the match.

91min: Four minutes added on.

85min: City very much going through the motions now. Job done.

80min: Two more changes for City as Doku and Foden are replaced by Gomez and Bobb.

75min: Changes for City as Rodri and Bernardo are replaced by Nunes and Kovacic.

69min: Foden gets his hat-trick! It’s a rocket from the midfielder, who picks himself up after being fouled, wins back the ball and then fires into the top corner.


62min: Foden has his second! It had been coming.

Rodri beats one man and then finds Foden on the edge of the area to sweep home with his left foot, finding the far bottom corner and in off the post.

59min: Foden wants a second and you wouldn’t bet against him getting one. He’s ducked and dived through the defence, past one, two and three until running into Diego Carlos in the area.

56min: Another big Ortega save! This time Lenglet flicks on the corner and almost finds the inside of the near post.


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Sad News Manchester City ex player just confirmed dead by Fabrizio Romano

Done Deal Victim Osimhen to Man City was approved today,£199M rated, Haaland replacement

City Xtra
City Xtra
City Xtra
NEWSErling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne DROPPED for Manchester City Premier League clash with Aston VillaPublished: 18:32 on April 3rd 2024 | Last Updated: 18:32 on April 3rd 2024By Harry Winters
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has dropped duo Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne for Wednesday’s Premier League clash with Aston Villa at the Etihad Stadium.

The treble-winners are looking to reignite their hopes of winning a fourth successive Premier League title on Wednesday evening, after back-to-back draws against both Liverpool and Arsenal saw Manchester City lose key ground in the title race.

Manchester City were held to a goalless draw against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday afternoon, with the result leaving the Sky Blues three points off the top of the Premier League table and two points behind the Gunners.

Aston Villa could move to within two points of Manchester City and take a giant step towards UEFA Champions League qualification with a win at the Etihad Stadium, with Unai Emery’s side the last team to beat Guardiola’s in any competition.

City are unbeaten across all competitions since a 1-0 loss at Villa Park in early December, when Leon Bailey’s deflected second-half effort secured three points for the home team.

Guardiola’s side had a formidable record against Villa prior to a defeat in the reverse fixture, but with the Blues’ title defence on the line, the 53-year-old has reportedly made two huge selection decisions ahead of Wednesday night’s clash.

According to the information of reputable X user ‘FPL Maine Road’, neither Erling Haaland or Kevin De Bruyne start for Manchester City against Aston Villa at the Etihad Stadium on Wednesday evening.

The pair both started Sunday’s goalless draw with Arsenal, but have been subject to recent fitness concerns, as De Bruyne missed international duty with Belgium due to a groin injury and Haaland left a Norway training session early due to an issue.

Haaland has scored only two goals in his past five Manchester City appearances, and has failed to score in any of the Blues’ past three games.

De Bruyne has made seven starts for Manchester City since returning from a five-month absence after undergoing hamstring surgery in August.

As well as Wednesday’s meeting with Villa, City travel to Selhurst Park to face Crystal Palace on Saturday afternoon and face a crunch UEFA Champions League quarter-final first-leg clash with Real Madrid next Tuesday.

DON’T MISS“We will do that” – Manuel Akanji issues defiant Manchester City message after Premier League title blow
Early team news: Two major absentees as Phil Foden place confirmed for Manchester City against Aston Villa (Premier League)

“We will do that” – Manuel Akanji issues defiant Manchester City message after Premier League title blow

Pep Guardiola wants Manchester City to sign Premier League midfield pair in £185 million major summer overhaul

MATCH COVERAGE50 seconds agoEarly team news: Two major absentees as Phil Foden place confirmed for Manchester City against Aston Villa (Premier League)
NEWS3 mins agoErling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne DROPPED for Manchester City Premier League clash with Aston Villa
NEWS7 hours ago“We will do that” – Manuel Akanji issues defiant Manchester City message after Premier League title blow
TRENDINGTRANSFERS2 days agoOne-off release clause triggers Manchester City and Manchester United summer transfer battle for Bundesliga starTRANSFERS2 days agoManchester City insider provides transfer clarity on Jack Grealish and Mateo KovacicMATCH COVERAGE3 days agoMatch Report and Player Ratings: Manchester City 0-0 Arsenal (Premier League)NEWS3 days agoManchester City left with five fully-fit defenders after fresh injury blow in Arsenal stalemate
City Xtra
Copyright © 2022 City Xtra LTD

‘I wanted to slap myself’: Varane opens up on his big mistake that allowed Man City eliminate Madrid from Champions League.

Back in 2020, Raphael Varane made two calamitous errors that allowed Manchester City to eliminate Real Madrid from the Champions League round of 16 after a 2-1 loss in Manchester. Varane has now blamed it on concussion.

“I have had several concussions,” Varane tells L’Equipe.

Back in 2020, Raphael Varane made two calamitous errors that allowed Manchester City to eliminate Real Madrid from the Champions League round of 16 after a 2-1 loss in Manchester. Varane has now blamed it on concussion.

“I have had several concussions,” Varane tells L’Equipe.

In the 70th minute, Varane would make another blunder during an aerial duel to allow Gabriel to score City’s second. The game ended 2-1.

Real Madrid are up against City again in the Champions League quarter-final next week. Hopefully, this time there will be no individual errors to recount.

F1 team principals rich list as Christian Horner’s net worth dwarfed by Toto Wolff
F1 is the playground of the rich, with even the team principals earning eyewatering sums of money as they seek to win the drivers and constructors’ world championships

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner are the two richest team bosses in F1 (Image: Getty Images)
ByJacob LeeksSenior Sports Reporter
12:10, 3 Apr 2024
Formula One is renowned for being the playground of the richest people in the world, with its glitzy weekends in the likes of Monaco and Las Vegas.

But it is not only the fans and the drivers who have deep pockets, the people running the teams are also worth an astonishing amount of money. Red Bull are currently the sport’s leading team, having won the last two constructors titles.

Before that, Mercedes dominated F1, winning eight successive world championships. The two sides are led by Christian Horner and Toto Wolff respectively, with the duo two of the most recognisable faces connected with the sport.

The pair also led the way in terms of the amount of money each team boss is worth. Here, Mirror Sport looks at the net worths of all 10 team principals and how they compare.

Watch the Premier League title race with the best Sky Sports deals

Max Verstappen’s trusted ally opens up on decision to quit Red Bull – ‘It was like a break up’
1) Toto Wolff – net worth £1.27bn
Blowing his rivals out of the water is Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. The Austrian became a billionaire last April, also landing a spot on the official list of Forbes Sports Billionaires.

As well as acting as team principal of the Silver Arrows, Wolff also works as the team’s chief executive and has a 33 per cent stake in them. That stake increased in value by more than £475million last year, which drove Wolff’s net worth.

Before buying his stake in Mercedes, Wolff worked in banking, gaining wealth after founding two investment firms. Along with his other ventures, Mercedes’ success over the past decade has made him one of the richest men in the sport.

2) Christian Horner – net worth £40m

Christian Horner is F1’s highest-paid team principal ( Image: Getty Images)
Way behind Wolff in second place is Red Bull team principal Christian Horner. He reportedly earns an annual salary of around £8m, making him the highest-paid team boss in the paddock.

Horner has worked for Red Bull since 2004, having previously founded the Arden team in the junior formulas. His high salary comes from the success Red Bull have achieved under his watch, winning seven Drivers’ titles and six Constructors’ championships.

3) Alessandro Alunni Bravi – net worth £4m
Alessandro Alunni Bravi had been on Sauber’s board for several years before becoming their team representative ( Image: James Moy Photography/PA Images)
While not technically Sauber’s team principal, Alessandro Alunni Bravi is their ‘team representative’ under chief executive Andreas Seidl and handles the duties of team boss. Bravi replaced Fred Vasseur after his move to Ferrari.

Bravi has been on Sauber’s board for several years, having trained as a lawyer. He has also been the Swiss team’s general counsel since 2017 and previously worked as the team principal of teams in Formula 2.

4) James Vowles – net worth £4m
James Vowles was one of Mercedes’ highest-paid staff members before he joined Williams in 2022 ( Image: Getty Images)
Williams boss James Vowles is one of the new boys to the role, having joined the storied British team ahead of last season. Before joining Williams, Vowles had been one of the key men behind Mercedes’ dominance, working as their strategy director.

That would have put him in one of the Silver Arrows’ highest-paid jobs. Vowles worked his way up through the ranks at the Brackley team, having held jobs when it was branded as BAR, Honda, Brawn and finally Mercedes.

5) Fred Vasseur – net worth £2.5m
Ferrari’s Fred Vasseur is one of F1’s highest-paid team bosses ( Image: NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Man cut in half by forklift shares devastating announcement after heartbreaking ‘betrayal’
Lewis Hamilton admits he now regrets turning down role in £1.3bn blockbuster film
Boots shoppers ditch foundation for £10 serum that makes forehead lines ‘disappear’ in weeks
Reduce dementia risk and protect ‘weak spot’ in brain by giving up one eating habit
While midtable currently, Fred Vasseur will likely move well up the list given he has taken one of F1’s top jobs. Now in his second season as Ferrari’s team principal, Vasseur was previously in charge of Sauber and Renault.

He actually started his career with the Scuderia, working as a performance engineer for Michael Schumacher during his dominant years. He returned to the Italian giants in 2022, with his salary as team principal expected to hit £4m in the coming years.

6) Andrea Stella – net worth £1.2m
Andrea Stella masterminded McLaren’s turnaround last season ( Image: Gongora/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Like Vowles, Andrea Stella is also in his first team principal job, having taken over at McLaren from Andreas Seidl. Stella has been a long-time presence in the paddock with a number of teams.

Before taking the top job at McLaren, Stella worked as their racing director, likely one of the team’s highest-paid roles. Though chief executive Zak Brown takes many of the headlines, Stella has been credited with leading McLaren’s remarkable turnaround last season.

7) Laurent Mekies – net worth £1m
Laurent Mekies left Ferrari to take over at RB-Honda ahead of this season ( Image: Getty Images)
Laurent Mekies is F1’s newest team principal having replaced Franz Tost at RB-Honda, following the veteran’s retirement. Before joining Red Bull’s junior team, Mekkies was in the lucrative role of Ferrari’s sporting director.

It has been a difficult season for Mekies and RB, where he had a nine-year stint as chief engineer from 20015 to 2014. Before joining Ferrari as sporting director, he was safety director and deputy race director at the FIA.

8) Mike Krack – net worth £805,000
Mike Krack is in charge at Aston Martin ( Image: Getty Images)
Mike Krack is another first-time team principal having replaced Otmar Szafnauer at Aston Martin in 2022. He has worked in motorsport for much of his career, including a stint as BMW’s chief engineer when they were competing in F1.

He remained with BMW after their exit from F1, focusing his work instead on MSA, Formula E, GT and DTM. Now he is leading Aston Martin, with Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll as his demanding owner.

9) Ayao Komatsu – net worth £650,000
Ayao Komatsu is one of the lower-paid F1 team principals ( Image: LAT Photo/Haas F1 Team)
Like Krack, Ayao Komatsu has worked in motorsport for much of his career. He started with BAR and Lotus before joining Haas in 2016 where he worked closely with Romain Grosjean.

The Japanese engineer was then promoted to become Guenther Steiner’s right-hand man. He then replaced Steiner as team principal when the Italian left earlier this year, though his salary will likely reflect the fact he works for one of F1’s poorer teams.

10) Bruno Famin – net worth £500,000
Bruno Famin took over Alpine on an interim basis in 2023 in what is his first job leading an F1 team. He was previously director of Peugeot Sport and initially joined Alpine in 2022 as CEO in charge of engine development.

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