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Trent Alexander-Arnold reveals his favourite assist as he describes passing an “art”



Trent Alexander-Arnold

has been in fine form on the assists front in recent weeks and has reflected on some of his all-time favourites in a recent video.

The 24-year-old had registered just two league assists in his first 29 appearances of the season, but a recent positional tweak elicited a run of six in five games.

It was the second time in his career that he had assisted in five consecutive Premier League games, becoming the first player in the competition’s history to do so on two occasions.

In a recent Premier League video, Alexander-Arnold recounted some of his best assists for the club and talked viewers through his thought processes during each.


“It’s crazy the amount of things you can process in that split second and you can almost paint a picture as you where they’re going to be,” Alexander-Arnold explained as he looked back at some of his most memorable contributio

“I see passing the ball as an art, so to be able to do it well is something I’m proud of.”

The clips shown included crosses for Roberto Firmino in both the 4-0 Boxing Day win at Leicester in 2019 and the 5-3 victory later in the campaign against Chelsea when the Reds lifted the title at Anfield.

Alexander-Arnold also enjoyed reliving a “rare left-footed assist” against Brentford earlier this season, as well as another for Firmino against Arsenal last month.

In the same interview, Alexander-Arnold revealed his favourite ever assist for Liverpool, describing it as a “special” moment for himself and the club.

“My favourite would be Ali’s [against West Brom in 2021], I think it’s the easiest technically to do because it’s a corner but the importance on it is crazy,” said the right-back

I think it’s so underrated and it goes under the radar as to how big that goal was for us.”

Alexander-Arnold has recorded a total of 70 assists in all competitions since breaking into the team in 2016 at the age of 18.

He currently has 53 assists to his name in the Premier League, the same total as Leighton Baines, and plenty of years ahead of him in which to hunt down Ryan Giggs’


Liverpool legend Souness: I hope Milner forgives me

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has apologised to James Milner.

When Newcastle boss, Souness was unhappy with Milner’s decision to leave for Aston Villa on-loan.

“I was discussing leadership with Simon Jordan. James Milner was one of those I named as a leader I would want in my dressing room. At Newcastle, I knew him as a young boy,” Souness wrote in his Daily Mail column.

“He has matured into a professional you can bet is a ten out of ten around the dressing room. He was upset with me many years ago at Newcastle when I said that ‘you won’t win the league with James Milners’ and he took that as me saying he wasn’t good enough.

“I was trying to say that you needed men. He was only 19 at the time. I apologised to him for that and I hope he’s forgiven me. You can never have enough James Milners in the dressing room. He makes other players turn up.”

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