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Southampton 4 Liverpool 4: Match Ratings



Southampton 4 Liverpool 4: Match Ratings

Josh Sexton’s player ratings for The Anfield Wrap after Southampton 4 Liverpool 4 in the Premier League at St. Mary’s…

I KNOW, I know.

A mad season ending with a mad game and it’s me on the ratings.

Not what any of us hoped for today, but Johno has — not unreasonably — left Liverpool and all its permutations behind for the weekend. I’ll get him to box some season ratings for you, if he can be arsed.

Kelleher: 5

Thought on first look he could do better with the first goal, then thought I was being harsh and it was just a good finish. Could definitely do better with the second, though. Can’t do anything about a fella just running through the entire team to leather one in, though. Probably as surprised that they scored four as the rest of us.

Choosing to believe Jürgen has thrown him in cold to take him out of the shop window after conceding four. Absolute 4D chess if so, fair play.

Trent: 6

Probably not as easy to do his new job with two completely different players behind him and a different player ahead of him. Not sure any of the bad stuff is his fault and he contributes well to the good stuff.

Matip: 5

Bit of a statue for that second goal. Dunno, am I being harsh? If that’s his last game then he was great, Big Joel, and he won the absolute lot.

Gomez: 5

Was excited to see him in that right-hand side role today, but forgot that Jürgs sees him as more of a Virgil replacement. Dunno how well that bodes generally for his future, but I’m not about to argue with the fella I’m hanging all my hopes on to sort this mess out.

Kostas: 5

Few mad things, few good things. If his tears at Anfield show he’s also off then that will be his legacy, but he’ll always have an FA Cup-winning penalty to boot.

Milner: 6

Absolutely love the man. Love the flag in the away end. Love everything he did for the club. Love that he’s won absolutely everything. Love that he’ll prove loads wrong at Brighton.

Fabinho: 5

Gets an assist, which is mad, but their lads just run through our midfield a lot really. Not entirely his fault, as it hasn’t been all season, but it’s clearly still a problem for the manager to fix even in the new system.

Jones: 6

Can see how crucial he is to the left hand side, but he’ll need to get used to having new fellas thrown in around him, as there was today. We’ll need a squad again next season, but Curtis could end up playing more than most across all competitions and that’s a huge compliment.

Salah: 6

One of those first halves where he just couldn’t really get into it and, to be honest, I was worried about him getting levelled by that big lunatic Lyanco. Should do better with a couple second half. Been that kind of season, really.

Bobby: 7

I typed the letter A then without even knowing where I was going, but could still feel myself welling up. Just love him so much and wish he didn’t have to leave, but I know I’m a big transfer fridge and need to be sent to Twitter boot camp for a bit to get me into a more sportswash-y state of mind.

Jota: 8

Lovely receipt of the gift for his first goal. Loved him pushing the big lunatic Lyanco and Milner stepping in just to make sure it didn’t go off properly. Great finish for his second. Will score all of the goals next season.


Henderson: 7

Thought all four subs made us better and gave us real impetus. Want one of his mad edge-of-the-box-after-a-clearance shots to go in for a big let off.

Gakpo: 8

Just great, isn’t he? Going to be so important next season. Makes so many good things happen.

Elliott: 8

Brilliant when he came on. Had a few of those sub appearances this season where he grabs this team by the scruff of the neck which is a credit to him at 20 years old — and a bit of a slight on the others, if we’re all honest.

Diaz: 7

Posed a different threat, but do want to see him getting in more of the goalscoring positions he’s taken up in the past. Might just be adapting to a new system, which is sound.

Thank heavens that’s all over. See yous soon.

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