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Seven shocking referee vs manager spats as Jurgen Klopp fires shots at Paul Tierney again



Seven shocking referee vs manager spats as Jurgen Klopp fires shots at Paul Tierney again

If it’s a waste of time, we will have a yellow card for Ederson [against Arsenal], don’t worry,” said the City boss sarcastically.

Pep Guardiola gas accused referees of double standards when it comes to time wasting

“We are the team with the least waste of time and the first time we go to Arsenal away, after 35, 37 minutes, we got a yellow card so don’t worry about wasting time. It depends on the referee but I’m pretty sure the yellow will be for Ederson.

“How many thousand million games do teams come to Etihad Stadium and waste time for the keepers? Twenty seconds every time, the goal kick and long ball and long ball and long ball nothing happens. Absolutely nothing happens. And after we go there, we want to be active to play and we get a yellow card.”

Rodgers hints at bias

Another mention for Lee Mason, who was at the centre of a bias insinuation from then Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers following a 2-1 defeat to Manchester City.

In 2013, Rodgers was angered by the decision to award offside against Raheem Sterling, despite television replays showing he was behind the last defender. The Northern Irishman was also upset that Mason, who is from Greater Manchester, was placed in charge of the game.

Brendan Rodgers during his time at Liverpool

(Image: AFP/Getty Images)

“I thought my players were absolutely outstanding and took the game to a team who are a top side, but had no help from the officials, who I thought were horrendous,” he fumed.

“I was surprised we were playing in Manchester and have a referee from Greater Manchester. Where do you want me to start? I thought we never got any decision. The linesman on the offside one wasn’t even on the same cut of grass.”

Jose: They can punish me

In the final days of his second stint at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho earned himself a misconduct charge for comments following a 3-1 defeat to Southampton. His anger was aimed at referee Robert Madley, who refused to give a penalty when Falcao went down under a challenge from goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg.

“When you are so down, I think it’s time to be a little bit honest and to say clearly the referees are afraid to give decisions for Chelsea,” said the Portuguese boss. “The result was 1-1 when it was a huge penalty, and, once more, we didn’t get one. And the penalty was a crucial moment in the game with the result 1-1.

Jose Mourinho during his final day as Chelsea boss

(Image: PA)

“And, I repeat, if the FA wants to punish me, they can punish me. They don’t punish other managers, they punish me, but it’s not a problem for me.”

The FA said Mourinho’s comments “implied bias on the part of a match official”.

Pochettino vs Mike Dean

Then Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino was so angry with referee Mike Dean following a defeat at Burnley in 2019, he confronted the official, repeatedly shouting “you know what you are”.

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