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Liverpool’s Champions League hopes just revived as USMNT starlet helps Jurgen Klopp step up



Liverpool’s Champions League hopes just revived as USMNT starlet helps Jurgen Klopp step up

Liverpool could only watch and hope Leeds United would do something for them against Newcastle United. Weston McKennie and company gave their all to Elland Road.

The problem with chasing the best 4 races is that you have to pray that others will make mistakes. The downside for Liverpool is that not too long ago it looked like the Reds were watching the Champions League run without really being involved.

However, that is certainly no longer the case. Instead, Liverpool need Newcastle or Manchester United to drop more points while Jurgen Klopp’s side need to win each of their remaining matches. Liverpool are still very active on the approach.

With a tie against defensively struggling Leeds United, Newcastle still need a win and two draws in their last three games – provided there isn’t a crazy goal difference – to finish ahead of the Reds. . The fight seems to be going all the way.

Newcastle’s next two games will be against Brighton and Leicester City – both at home – before their final day at Chelsea, which admittedly looks much easier than it did a few months ago. USMNT midfielder Weston McKennie and former MLS star Jack Harrison did their best to help Liverpool out, but in the end Leeds didn’t have enough quality to secure a home win.

Two completely unnecessary errors in defense gave Newcastle easy chances to score from the penalty spot, allowing Callum Wilson to score a brace. Without those mistakes, a point could easily have been more for Leeds.

First Maximilian Wöber couldn’t get close to the ball, but knocked out Alexander Isak in the penalty area, and then Junior Firpo – once Liverpool’s transfer target – flicked the ball with his fingers trying to exaggerate how hard it was in the back it was pushed.

Leeds, to his credit, tried to fight back. Rasmus Christiansen crashed a shot to make it 2-2, before Firpo was sent off and a chaotic end to the clash ensued, which included an intruder getting close enough to Eddie Howe to catch the Newcastle boss on the shoulder for a touch.

Sam Allardyce’s team has tried and tried, but there’s a reason they’re one of the teams at risk of falling. Liverpool were hoping for a win at Leeds but got the next best thing. says: Liverpool still have their work to do, of course, but Patrick Bamford’s missed penalty looks like a big moment. Had the Leeds forward scored, Newcastle would have lost two; instead he went up the other side and tied it up. This is where it leads to relying on a weak side defensively like Leeds to please you.

Importantly, while Newcastle looked set to be demolished, they also showed their weakness. Aside from penalties, he didn’t create many chances and conceded twice. Thankfully, Bamford didn’t budge under pressure and there were glimmers of hope to hold on to. For example, McKennie did largely well against Bruno Guimarães and company in center with an impressive display. Newcastle did well to come back from a goal down, but it was far from perfect. Brighton will offer them a much bigger challenge on Thursday. The top four is still a long way off for Liverpool in terms of what needs to be done, but they can only do their job. The percentage chance of this happening, as it has been for weeks, has increased slightly again.

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