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Liverpool receive big money bid for 20-year-old midfield prodigy



Liverpool receive big money bid for 20-year-old midfield prodigy

Liverpool reportedly received an offer for young midfielder Fabio Carvalho as they ponder a key decision on the 20-year-old’s future.

According to Football Insider, An unnamed side has offered to permanently sign Fabio Carvalho. A host of clubs are keen to take the 20-year-old midfield prodigy on loan for next season, but the player has concerns over his playing time if he moves temporarily.

Fabio Carvalho arrived at Liverpool last summer with big expectations. The Merseysiders had chased the 20-year-old midfield prodigy since the previous January window, but Fulham were reluctant to do a deal then. The Reds eventually signed him for £5 million, and he did start life at Anfield rather brightly.

His form tailed off after some brief but important cameos, including scoring the late winner against Newcastle United at Anfield. Despite all the talent in the 20-year-old midfield prodigy, Jurgen Klopp has barely selected him since the World Cup break, leading to suggestions the player may play little or no part next season.

Indeed, the report insists Klopp does not see Carvalho in his plans for next season, irrespective of how he does in Pre-Season. Liverpool are ready to approve a move for the 20-year-old midfield prodigy, but only on loan, as they tend to value the player highly.

More on Fabio Carvalho news revealed today. Understand UCL club has already started talks with Liverpool to sign Fabio on permanent deal. 🔴 #LFC

Liverpool reluctant to sell but possibility of a buy back may be considered as a reasonable outcome given the players desire to play.

— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) May 29, 2023

Klopp’s recent comments over Carvalho did confirm that idea, but his words also hinted at how much he rates the 20-year-old midfield prodigy. Klopp said, “I think there is a possibility Fabio could go on loan, but we will see. This was not the best year of his career, his young career,” he said.

“No player has impressed me more than Fabio, that’s the truth. This very talented boy came here with big dreams and big expectations and it didn’t work out. His work ethic will give him a fantastic career. “His reactions in a row [to not playing], I’ve never seen before, unbelievable.

“If we keep him, that’s all we will see. There are no plans for loans, we want to keep them if we can give them the opportunity to play, we’ll keep them because they definitely have the quality.”

Teams like Burnley are keen to take Carvalho on loan, as are West Ham and Brentford. However, the 20-year-old has concerns over regular playing time if he moves on temporarily, and hence may lean towards signing somewhere permanently.

As per the report and one of Fabrizio Roman’s tweets above, Liverpool has received an offer to take Carvalho away. The unnamed Champions League club have made a tempting offer to take the Portuguese star away.

Liverpool, however, are reluctant to sell the midfielder permanently, although the suggestions are that they might include a buy-back clause. This transfer story might pick up momentum in the coming days, as Carvalho could move away from Anfield.

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