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James Milner issues warning ahead of final Liverpool game -“How long can this go on?”



James Milner issues warning ahead of final Liverpool game -“How long can this go on?”

Former England international James Milner is set to end his eight-year Liverpool stint against Southampton on Sunday, with a move to Brighton anticipated when his contract expires

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp previews the Southampton game

James Milner is the poster boy for professionalism – but after setting his sights on the Premier League ’s all-time appearance record he has issued a stark warning about the increasing workload on players.

At 37, Milner is about to embark on the next chapter of an incredible career that began as a 16-year-old with hometown club Leeds and has taken him to Newcastle, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Liverpool.

He will leave Anfield after eight success-packed years – and Brighton are one of the clubs hoping to tap into his vast reservoir of experience.

Milner has played in 618 Premier League games – 14 less than Ryan Giggs and 35 short of close pal Gareth Barry’s record of 653.

It’s a testament to his dedication and determination that he wants to continue playing.

But Milner fears that at the end of a season interrupted for the World Cup, the increasing demands of the international game are taking their toll.

“I am worried about the schedule,” he said. “There should be an international tournament every other summer and in between players should be given a full summer off.

“How long can this go on, with this intensity and number of games?

“That’s something I would do, for sure – every other summer should be kept free and then you can be as full-on as you want over the course of the season.

“But let’s give players a break. Otherwise, where’s it all heading?”

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James Milner is set to play his final Liverpool game on Sunday




Milner retired from international football in 2016 after winning 61 England caps.

When Gareth Southgate asked if Milner would be interested in going to the 2018 World Cup, the offer was declined.

But the chance to rack up a record number of appearances in the Premier League is a tantalising one.

Milner added: “It’s the sort of thing you look back at when you’ve finished playing.

“But people keep mentioning it, so it’s obviously in my head now.

“It’s not far off and it would be a nice one to get.”

The midfielder won the Premier League in 2020



Getty Images)

Milner will leave Anfield with Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup medals after being an integral part of the rebuild masterminded by Jurgen Klopp.

Brendan Rodgers persuaded him to leave City to become part of something special in 2015 despite winning two title medals, the FA Cup and League Cup at the Etihad.

But it was only when Klopp’s philosophy started to take hold that sustained success returned to the Kop.

“You can’t ever expect to be successful but I looked at Liverpool’s history and it was a big draw for me to sign,” said Milner.

“Could it have gone better? Well we lost in the Europa League final, two Champions League finals and a League Cup final.

“Then there was the season we got 97 points and didn’t win the league.

“But I was part of a new era for the club.

“ Barcelona (when Liverpool overturned a 3-0 semi-final first leg deficit on their way to lifting the Champions League in 2019) is tough to beat.

“That was Liverpool – the fans, the stadium, a well-coached squad, players who hadn’t played much that season producing the performance we did…”

Milner became a Champions League winner with Liverpool in 2019



Getty Images)

Twelve months after missing out on an historic Quadruple in the final week of the season, Liverpool will finish fifth whatever happens against Fulham.

And Milner and Roberto Firmino are part of a legion of players who are leaving the club with the best wishes of the Kop.

But Milner added: “With the good players and the manager we have then there’s every chance Liverpool will be flying again next season.

“This year has been tough, obviously, but it has probably been the worst ever time for injuries.

“Add in the fact that we were going for everything last year, the World Cup break and also a bit of bad luck.

“Maybe we haven’t dealt with those situations as well as we could have done, but you can see the form over the last few weeks, the fight in the dressing room and the run of results, that the hunger is still there.”


“Alisson a playmaker in gloves”, says LFC Legend Jan Molby

Unconventional Guardian – Alisson Becker


In football, it’s not often that a goalkeeper garners as much attention and respect as a star forward. However, at Liverpool, Alisson Becker has managed to do just that. Jan Molby, Liverpool legend and staple guest on his weekly ‘Molby On The Spot’ podcast, offers some fascinating insights into Becker’s game.


According to Molby, “Alisson Becker is a complete game-changer for Liverpool. He’s not just a keeper; he’s a playmaker in gloves.”


This comment underscores Becker’s unique style of goalkeeping, where he isn’t just involved in shot-stopping, but actively participates in setting up plays.


Molby spoke highly of Becker’s conventional goalkeeping abilities, saying, “When it comes to diving, parrying and making that crucial save, there’s no one better than Alisson Becker. His reflexes and shot-stopping abilities are second to none.” The former Liverpool midfielder demonstrates an appreciation for Becker’s quick reactions and agility, two crucial skills for any world-class goalkeeper.


More Than Just a Goalkeeper


But Molby’s comments didn’t stop at praising Becker’s goalkeeping skills. He further highlighted the Brazilian’s contribution in orchestrating plays from the back, saying, “He’s got the vision of a midfielder. He knows when to release the ball and can pick a pass that some outfield players would be envious of.” Molby’s words emphasise the importance of a modern goalkeeper’s distribution abilities, as they have become an integral part of many team’s attacking plays.



“Without Alisson Becker in goal, Liverpool would undoubtedly look a different team,” Molby confessed.


His words mirror the sentiments of many Liverpool fans, recognising Becker’s crucial role in the club’s recent successes. He added, “Becker is one of the reasons why Liverpool’s defensive line can afford to play high up. His command over the area and his composure on the ball is immense.”


Alisson Becker – The Complete Package


In summary, Molby’s praises for Becker affirm what Liverpool fans have known for a while: Becker is much more than a goalkeeper. He is a playmaker, a team leader, and most importantly, a crucial cog in Liverpool’s machine.


As Molby puts it, “Alisson Becker represents a new breed of goalkeepers. And for Liverpool, he’s the best there is.”


In the context of the footballing world where outfield players often take centre stage, Molby’s recognition of Becker’s skills, both conventional and unconventional, serves as a reminder of the important role goalkeepers play in the modern game. Through his words, one can better appreciate Alisson Becker’s profound impact on Liverpool, offering a fresh perspective on the position of a goalkeeper.


From Molby’s perspective, Becker’s skill set, influence and value to Liverpool make him an indispensable asset in their ranks, further highlighting the importance of a capable goalkeeper in a team’s quest for success. And as Molby says, “With Becker in goal, Liverpool are always in with a chance.”

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