Tottenham Hotspur supporters will be on alert following the comments of the CEO of Formula One owners Liberty Media.

The American-based mass media company has helped elevate F1 to be a world phenomenon since taking over from Bernie Ecclestone in 2017 for £3.3 billion. Six years on, the ownership is now said to be worth around £17bn.

Formula One has enjoyed a successful period since Liberty Media took over, attracting more fans around the world and securing countless sponsorship deals worth millions of pounds.

Liberty Media also owns the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball team and it appears that the American company is preparing their next sporting investment for the Premier League. As well as Tottenham, the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United are looking for minor investments or a full takeover.

Back in February, it was reported that Jahm Najafi was preparing a £3bn ($3.5bn) bid to purchase Tottenham. Najafi was said to be working with a consortium of investors to structure the bid. However, Joe Lewis continues to own the club.

That could all change in the near future after Maffei admitted that the company had pondered all the possible opportunities in the Premier League. He did, however, suggest the right deal has yet to come forward. “I would dispute buying on the cheap. We like to buy for a fair price then hopefully build value” he told the Walker Webcast.

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“So look, a couple of thoughts. Credit to the teams at Formula One and the Braves because I believe we have the best management team in baseball creating both a great on-field product at a reasonable price with a long-term future and young players who are well set up on contracts.

“But also the [front house] team there – Derek Schiller, Mike Plant and Terry McGuirk the CEO have done a great job on the business side and built Truist Park and around that.

“That demonstrated success of Formula One, we now have – credit them – a reputation sports and others we have talked to, we can replicate that.

“You mention the Premier League teams; there isn’t an asset we haven’t looked at. That doesn’t mean we’ve been ready to buy them all but we look at everything because we do think sports in general is attractive, we do think there are upsides and do think those things that management teams have taught up can help apply perhaps in other sports situations.”