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Digging Deeper Into Liverpool’s Dramatic Victory Over Tottenham



Digging Deeper Into Liverpool’s Dramatic Victory Over Tottenham

Tottenham had no idea what hit them. Liverpool remained dominant for the opening 30 minutes, then ceded too much control for the final 15 of the first half. You never want to give your opposition a glimmer of hope when you’re so dominant so early; you’ve got to remain horrible to play against. Shame about the complacency (and literal slip, aided by a poor defensive shape) that let them back into it. Full time at 30’ and we all would have had a lovely time.

Though small inroads were made to stem the chaos initially in the second half (and Jordan Henderson coming on calmed things down a bit as well for a time), control was never really retained properly, and good chances for the Reds were few and far between.

Was it all worth it, though?

The ending was truly hilarious and likely the most Spursy thing I’ve seen in my life, but it was Spursy because it was such a gift: Liverpool deserved to drop points at home to one of the worst form teams in the league, and that’s never great. Nonetheless, three points are three points.

Winners and Losers

Winners: Fans of Spursiness; the Anti-Richarlison Brigade; fans of goals. Diogo Jota’s yellow card.

Losers: Anyone with heart issues; Lucas Moura; fans of good Liverpool performances.

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