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Jurgen Klopp slams referee Paul Tierney following Tottenham – Liverpool incident



Jurgen Klopp slams referee Paul Tierney following Tottenham – Liverpool incident

Jurgen Klopp has lambasted referee Paul Tierney for saying something that was ‘not ok’ to him at the end of the game on Sunday.

Klopp’s Liverpool side ran out dramatic 4-3 winners at Anfield against Tottenham on Sunday. Having gone 3-0 up inside the opening 15 minutes, the Reds were pegged back by a spirited Spurs side later in the game, conceding a goal which would make it 3-3 in the 93rd minute.

Just 99 seconds later however, Liverpool found the winning goal through substitute Diogo Jota.

Speaking after the game to Sky Sports, Klopp was keen to lament the performance of referee Paul Tierney, particularly for his decision which led to Tottenham’s third goal:

“Very emotional, very emotional, of course. Especially given the situation with their third goal. How he [Paul Tierney] can whistle a foul in that situation up front against Mohamed Salah.

“The linesman is directly there and keeps the flag down and then the ref whistles instead, so that’s one thing and then the next situation [Richarlison’s goal] wouldn’t have happened if we keep the ball there. That’s not cool.

“We have our story, our history, with Mr. Tierney and I really don’t know what this man has with us. I really don’t know.

“They will always say it’s nothing and that’s not true, it cannot be. I don’t understand it. How he looks at me, I don’t understand it. I really don’t have a problem with anyone, him as well, but it’s just like ‘again?’

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“He was the referee at Tottenham when Harry Kane didn’t get a red card and I love Kane, I love this player, I don’t want him to get a red card but it was a red card in that game. And after it no one asked Mr. Tierney about it because they don’t have to clarify these situations.

“It’s difficult to understand.”

Klopp also addressed his celebration in the aftermath of the Diogo Jota’s winning goal – a celebration during which he ran over to the fourth official, pulling his hamstring along the way: “My celebration towards the fourth official, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t say anything bad but it was unnecessary and I got punished for that immediately.

“I pulled my hamstring, which is fair, but what he said to me when he gave me the yellow card is not ok.”

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