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Gary Lineker predicts whether Jurgen Klopp will take the Bayern Munich job after leaving Liverpool…



Gary Lineker predicts whether Jurgen Klopp will take the Bayern Munich job after leaving Liverpool


Pundit Gary Lineker has now been considering the possibility of Jurgen Klopp joining Bayern Munich once he leaves Liverpool this summer.

Klopp’s announcement shocked the world just three weeks or so ago, and since, the speculation regarding Liverpool’s future has been rife.

Bayer Leverkusen boss Xabi Alonso has already been embroiled in a ‘will he, won’t he’ with the job, given how well things are going in the Bundesliga.

And considering his rich connections to the club, Alonso does seem the outstanding candidate, and in truth, it doesn’t seem as if there is a ton of competition.

Perhaps the likes of Brighton & Hove Albion boss Roberto De Zerbi is also in the running, but Alonso does seem a step ahead.

Of course, there must be worry that Alonso could be tempted to Bayern Munich after the season, with Thomas Tuchel’s future looking increasingly uncertain.

Lineker was speaking on ‘The Rest is Football’ podcast and was fairly confident that wouldn’t be the case.

Speaking on the podcast, Lineker explained that it simply wouldn’t make sense for Klopp to head to Bayern straight away, given the reasons cited for his Anfield exit.

Lineker said: “I would be very surprised – well he wouldn’t go now – but even at the end of the season, to have said that he has run out of energy and then take another job

“I think he has more integrity than that. I believed him when he said he was running out of steam.”

Of course, many will probably agree with Lineker on this one, it would make little sense if Klopp immediately switched his Liverpool role for an equally demanding job at Bayern.

It simply seems as if the German needs a break, he’s been at the top of the game for so long now.

That’s not to say that Klopp will never join Bayern, perhaps it is in his future, but it would be a shock if it were this summer.

All that being said, Jurgen Klopp was left furious with something that happened during this weekend’s win at Brentford.